The prestigious publication Wine Spectator has unveiled its list of the Top 100 Wines of 2021 and Pazo Barrantes has been recognized as the Best Spanish White Wine, the Best Albariño in the World and one of the 15 Best White Wines in the World, a wine that, as you know, we presented just a month ago.

For years we were obsessed with the fact that our wine could express in its maximum splendour all the personality and strength of the grapes of our estate, and we decided to bet on it. Our beloved wine asked for more time, more peace and even more pampering, and that's what we decided to give him, even though we had to be out of the market for two years. But the result has been worth it.

For the preparation of this ranking, the tasting committee of the aforementioned publication tastes more than 11,000 wines from all over the world and this label of the Galician sister of Marqués de Murrieta has managed to be among the top 100. To do this, different criteria are taken into account, such as quality, the winery's trajectory and the impeccable image of its wines around the world.

We are very proud and grateful to continue adding recognitions like this, which motivate us and confirm that we are on the right track.