Primer Rosé 2023

Primer Rosé is a dreamer wine with an ambitious, challenging and fresh spirit. It is the youngest brand and most subtle expression of Marqués de Murrieta.

Marqués de Murrieta Primer Rosé

Primer Rosé is the newest jewel of the centenary winery Marqués de Murrieta. It was born in 2015 after several years of research and it is the only rosé wine made in Spain entirely with mazuelo grapes. Behind its exclusive packaging and delicate color, we discover a rosé wine with a great personality, finesse, freshness and elegance. It shows a ageing potential.

Recognised by the international critics, it is positioned in the podium of the most prestigious rosés. 

Primer Rosé 2023

Primer Rosé is made with grapes from Lucas single vineyard, a 5-hectare plot planted in 1985 on the Ygay Estate. The soil is mainly calcareous-clay with alluvial boulder stones and it is located at 350 m altitude. 

October 6, 2023.

Made exclusively with Mazuelo variety. Right after reception in the cellar, grapes are de-stemmed and grape juice is separated from grape skins in order to extract the essence of the purest grape juice that will be fermented in a concrete tank at a controlled temperature of 10°C (50°F), avoiding malolactic fermentation.

After fermentation the wine is left on its fine lees for 6 months adding density.

Strawberry and tomato gelée, sour cream in textures; foie, partridge and beetroot; norway lobster, creamy Carnaroli rice and truffle; white prawn tartare, creamy Primer Rosé and blood orange; fresh durum wheat pasta, Sánlucar langoustine and yuzu.

Grape variety: 100% Mazuelo.

Alcohol content: 14,5%

Bottling date:  April 26, 2024.

Number of bottles: 7,026 (0.75 l).

Recommended service temperature: 12⁰C (53⁰F).  

Primer Rosé 2023

Tasting note

Clean and subtle appearance, anticipating a series of elegant aromas of cherry, raspberry and red apple, floral notes and a mineral hint. Expressive, flavorful with silky texture. Its vibrant freshness brings balance to the delicate ensemble.

“In this 2023 vintage, the mazuelo variety has a special shine and Primer Rosé is proof of it” María Vargas - Technical Director.

Primer Rosé 2023