The tireless search for perfection


A history written day by day by a family

The origin of Marqués de Murrieta winery is also the origin of Rioja. Don Luciano Murrieta, applying techniques learned in Bordeaux, made the first Rioja wine in 1852, with the intention of sustaining it over time.

Don Luciano´s vision was clear from the begin-ning: to create a fine Rioja wine with a great ageing potential and start exporting it outside of Spain. He shipped his first vintage, with the legendary 1852, to countries such as Mexico and Cuba, making it the first fine Rioja wine to be exported.

In the Castillo, noble materials merge in perfect union with the latest technologies, turning one of the oldest industrial buildings in Europe into a benchmark of modernity and balance.

Thanks to its historical significance to the world of wine, its heritage and the architecture of the building itself, the Castillo de Ygay, and thus the head-quarters of Marqués de Murrieta, was declared a museum in 2019.

Marqués de Murrieta Estates and Wines is led since 1983 by the Cebrián-Sagarriga family, characterized by their professionalism and daily effort. The Cebrián- Sagarriga siblings, feeling proud of their Galician roots, remember their parents every day with love and gratitude:

“Our parents started a great familiar and corporate project which we aim to continue with the same strength and enthusiasm. They transmitted us the value of a united family, they showed us the daily effort and the meaning of sacrifice. They conveyed to us the need to respect the past without neglecting the future, looking ahead continuously. They gave us their faith, their confidence, their love for life and for all the people around us, their generosity and, in essence, their charming way of living” Vicente Dalmau Cebrián-Sagarriga, Count of Creixell.

After six years of works, a new winery rises next to the Ygay Castle

The major renovation project at Marqués de Murrieta was completed with the inauguration in 2021 of the new winemaking facilities, a complex of buildings with more than 25,000 square meters, built next to the Castillo de Ygay. This spacious building is equipped with the latest technology and is considered one of the most avant-garde wineries in the world. More than 50,000 square meters of gardens make it a charming and idyllic setting.

The winery is now fully modernised while remaining true to its roots and identity and ready to continue crafting the finest possible wines.


A unique vision of the wine

Marqués de Murrieta is a way of living that starts in the land with every single grape and we share with the world through our wines. We are a family and a professional team with the same goal: to keep our tradition alive, believe in ourselves and in the quality in the search for excellence. We work with our hands, our mind and our heart applying the technology always in balance with our history.

Marqués de Murrieta is continuously evolving with new and visionary ideas which enable us to adapt to the new times, new consumers and our dreams. Our vocation drives us to work always with passion and dignify our vineyard, every grape, every bottle, every glass of wine in any part of the world where we are present.


The vineyard is our origin

Our vineyards are our history, our uniqueness and passion.

Our wines are born in Ygay, a estate of 300 hectares of vineyards located in the southern part of Rioja Alta, which enables us to obtain an exhaustive control of the quality of our wines.

Our team, led by María Vargas, and helped by a privileged climate and a meticulous care of our vineyards, is able to produce wines with a unique personality.


"Be always generous"

The Marqués de Murrieta Foundation is responsible for preserving the winery facilities and its private collection.

The Foundation also dedicate resources to help disadvantages groups and families.

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