Marqués de Murrieta, committed to the environment

Thanks to the installation of the air conditioning system Free-cooling we achieve great energy savings

In the production and ageing of our wines, temperature regulation is very important, something that, especially during these hot summer days, can lead to an increase in energy expenditure and therefore a great impact on the environment. At Marqués de Murrieta we feel very committed to the environment, because our future depends on it.

For this reason, as part of our energy efficiency plans, at Marqués de Murrieta we take extreme savings measures with an air conditioning system free-cooling that we have in our technical facilities. This system filters the outside air to condition the indoor temperature, so that, for example, in summer, we use the outside air of the Rioja nights to reach the desired temperature more easily.

Thanks to this measure, energy savings of 80% and a 52% reduction in CO2 emissions are achieved compared to usual systems.