Magnificent Parker scores for Marqués de Murrieta wines

5. Puntuaciones Parker

The prestigious American critic, Robert Parker, has ranked the wines of Marqués de Murrieta among the best in the world. The scores that the journalist has given to these wines in his publication Wine Advocate are all above 90 points and demonstrate, once again, the quality of the wines made in the first winery in Rioja, where over the years there has been a deep respect for history and tradition. in constant balance with innovation.

Considered to be the most influential critic in the world of wine, he places the new jewel of Marqués de Murrieta, Castillo Ygay 2009, at the head of the winery's wines with 96 points. It is followed by Dalmau Reserva 2013 and Marqués de Murrieta Gran Reserva 2011 with 94 points. While Marqués de Murrieta Reserva 2014, Capellanía Reserva 2013 and Marqués de Murrieta Primer Rosé 2016 have obtained 93, 92 and 90 points, respectively.

The new vintages are coming on strong!