Zwiesel 1872 has created the Cups Murrieta Castillo Ygay exclusively for our wines


In the winery Marqués de Murrieta nothing is left to chance, and to commemorate the renewal of our winery, we have developed together with the prestigious Zwiesel 1872 two models of handmade blown glass , specially designed for the demands of our wines.

D. Vicente Dalmau Cebrian Sagarriga ( Count of Creixel ) and his technical team , with Zwiesel 1872 designers, have designed these glasses looking for the features that enhance each wine .

The design was closely analyzed every detail, to try to get the most appropriate glass , preserving all their properties unchanged our wines : quality and thickness of the glass, diameter and length , depth of calyx width of mouth, length of stem … all with a single interest that every object that surrounds our wines this developed with the same care and quality.

These exclusive glasses can be enjoyed in the tastings will be taken at the Castle after his next opening, at the end of the year.

Zwiesel 1872 represents an exclusive collection that emantes calm, elegance and timeless quality. Modern clear design paired with the tradition of the Zwiesel manufactory since 1872 makes each glass exquisitely unique