Our commitment to the future

This year 2022, Marqués de Murrieta celebrates its 170th Anniversary and throughout its history, it has managed to achieve the ideal balance between tradition and avant-garde, always with quality as its flag.

As a guarantor of this immense legacy, today, the commitment to sustainability, respect for the environment and for all the material and personal factors involved in the production process occupies a preferential place.

For Marqués de Murrieta, it is essential to protect the main pillar of our wines and our history: Finca Ygay. In its 300 hectares, in addition to the vineyards, hundreds of plant and animal species coexist; Centennial oaks and olive trees, aromatic bushes of thyme and rock rose, poplars, fig trees, gorse, wild roses and endless varieties that form the natural environment that populate goshawks, squirrels, foxes and thrushes among other species. Measures such as the suppression of the use of insecticides, maintenance of vegetable covers or the creation of biological corridors, contribute to the safeguarding of this imposing biosphere.

The implementation of measures that promote sustainable development is reinforced by a commitment to photovoltaic energy and free-cooling air conditioning systems in the winery, responsible waste management, the use of electric vehicles, local consumption and the demand for sustainable measures from our partners.

As a  family winery, we feel firmly committed to our environment and responsible for the legacy that future generations will receive, and this is the path along which we will continue to advance.