Marqués de Murrieta’s president receives Gentleman’s ‘Best Entrepreneur of the Year’ award


Marqués de Murrieta gains more accolades this year! After receiving the Best Entrepreneur of the Year Award from both Actualidad Económica and Condé Nast, Vicente Dalmau Cebrián-Sagarriga, Count of Creixell, has received his third award, this time from the prestigious publication Gentleman. This award further highlights the success of Marqués de Murrieta and Pazo de Barrantes wineries, and it’s president’s expertise and know-how.

This know-how that has been made possible, as he points out, by the “daily, honest and responsible work” of his team and it is thanks to this he has been able to fulfil his 19 yearlong dream;

“I dreamed that this renovated winery would become one of the foremost wineries in the world and a few months ago we were named the Best Winery in the World. I dreamed that our wines would reach the highest positions in tastings around the world and less than two months ago, the most important American publication certified that our wines had achieved the highest scores, ranking among the 20 best wines in the world. I also dreamed of a strong presence for our wines outside of Spain and today we are in 100 countries around the world and our export has reached 70%”.

Dreams do come true and it is the recognition of awards bestowed by Gentleman, Actualidad Económica and Condé Nast that continue to drive the daily work of the Best Entrepreneur of the Year and the Best Winery of the World.