Marqués de Murrieta, the winery that most increases in media exposure


Great news for Marqués de Murrieta.

The spanish media take part in Marqués de Murrietas achievements. The media consulting firm Castro Galiana just published its latest report, The Wine Communication Juncture, May-June 2016, in which Marqués de Murrieta is highlighted for being the winery with the highest media presence in Spain.

This is a big achievement for the winery, collecting 8.35% of penetration rate, nearly twice the score of the second spanish winery with the highest media presence. It is also the winery that most increases its media exposure in comparison with earlier years, as it is the only one in the Top 20 that increases in every variable studied: designation of origin, other regions, and number of spanish provinces where Marqués de Murrieta has a significant media exposure.

Just in may, the media exposure of Marqués de Murrieta almost reached 15% of penetration rate of all spanish wineries. A figure that, since 2013, had just been reached one other time by a spanish winery.

Great news that make Marqués de Murrieta work even harder to try to make everyone know about the honesty and effort that are behind the appointed Best Winery in the World.