Marqués de Murrieta, chosen in this summer’s main events


Brief but intense. So was the summer of Marqués de Murrieta, present at August’s main events. The Starlite celebration, in Marbella, stands out above the rest, where the presence of national and international celebrities has made the event one of the most famous in the musical and social scene.

And, once again, Marqués de Murrieta was elected the official wine of the Starlite Gala, where personalities like Antonio Banderas, Laura Pausini or Eugenia Martinez de Irujo, among many others, enjoyed a unique night, surrounded by the wines of the named Best Winery of the World 2015.

But they were not the only ones. Marqués de Murrieta’s wines also accompanied all visitors of the VIP stage in the Audi Cup, held in Munich during August, where Marqués de Murrieta was chosen as the official wine for the tournament.