Limited edition Gran Vino Pazo Barrantes: Exclusive artisanal packaging

Pazo de Barrantes this year released one of the world’s most exclusive types of packaging ever created.

In collaboration with the Galician artisan Sonia de Gerónimo, the winery has created an exclusive, sustainable packaging item, inspired by the so-called “redeiras” –the women who made the traditional fishing nets along the Galicia coastline.

This limited edition has been made using 100% cotton rope and natural leather. The object of the item is to provide a protective packaging for bottles of Gran Vino Pazo Barrantes, and in particular for its magnum (1.5 litres) version.

Limited Edition Pazo Barrantes

This collectors’ item provides an introduction to an ongoing long-term project in which the winery seeks to highlight the values of endeavour, tradition and work practised at the highest level in the world of crafts, which has numerous links to that of viticulture. “In handicrafts, we share the work philosophy found in vine-growing and the values that exist at this winery: excellence, attention to detail and tradition. I wanted to create a unique piece which has special character and was crafted with the greatest of care,” explained Sonia de Gerónimo.

This exclusive packaging was short-listed as a finalist at the IWC Industry Awards, which reward excellence and innovation in the wine world.

Limited Edition Pazo Barrantes