Did you know that wine can also be paired with music?


What song pairs with this wine?

The tasting of a wine is something totally sensory and to amplify these sensations transmitted by the wine, pairings are carried out. While it is true that we are used to associating the word pairing with food, what we are really looking for with a good pairing is to offer that perfect complement to the taste, style and personality of a wine.

We consider that the production of a quality wine is an art and as such, we can find great similarities with musical composition. Both creations are formed thanks to one or more instruments or grape varieties that provide different nuances in the search for perfect harmony. As the journalist Carlos Delgado said: "Wine, like music, has a horizontal, melodic line, which corresponds to its aromas, and a vertical, harmonic line, which manifests itself in the palatal experience."

In addition to this, enjoying a glass of wine, just like listening to music, evokes feelings, sensations and creates unforgettable moments.

Thanks to the similarities between wine and music, depending on what they evoke in us, we can find the perfect song to listen to with each of our Marqués de Murrieta wines and create a unique experience.

What is your favorite song for each of our wines?