Do you have any leftover Christmas wine? Learn how to preserve it so that it lasts as long as possible!


Do you have leftover Christmas wine and are you afraid to keep it at home, in case it gets bad? Here we explain how to preserve it so that it lasts as long as possible and can be enjoyed at any other time.

There is a phrase that at Marqués de Murrieta we love to remind everyone who tastes with us: wine is a living being. A living being that evolves and that must be taken care of so that it evolves in the best possible conditions and, in addition, so that it lives longer. Therefore, if we want the life of a wine to be as long as possible, we must find the best way to preserve it at home.

Of course, the ideal option would be to have a wine cooler to be able to choose the most suitable temperature for the wine. But what if we don't have a wine cooler?

The place we choose to store the wine must meet a series of requirements:

-That there are no major changes in temperature. The temperature should be more or less constant, without major fluctuations.

-Relative humidity should be between 65% and 80%. This can be regulated with humidifiers, if the area where you store it is very dry, or on the contrary, with dehumidifiers.

-There can be no direct light on the bottles. Sunlight means that the wine does not keep in good condition.

-It is important to know what type of wine we are talking about, since the ageing capacity of a wine will depend on the type of wine it is (crianza, reserva, white, red, etc.).

- Wine bottles should always be in a horizontal position, so that the wine has contact with the cork so that it does not dry out and is kept in good condition.

-It must have sufficient ventilation.