Recipes to Pair with our Albariño Pazo Barrantes

This week, our chef Mariano Pascual has selected two recipes that you can prepare at home to pair with our Albariño Pazo Barrantes, a blanco that seduces the nose with its intense floral, fruity and balsamic aromas, which makes you fall in love with the mouth and surprises with its gastronomic versatility Don't forget to send us the photos of your dishes through social networks!

White Wine Steamed Mussels and Grilled Clams with Dill, Mint and Narcampari

Ingredients for two

• 100 g Large Lane Clams
• 200 g Rock Mussels
• 2 Dill Leaves
• 2 Tarragon Leaves
• 2 Mint Leaves
• 2 Peppermint Leaves
• 6 cl of Blood Orange Juice
• 6 cl Campari Aperitif
• 4 cl of 0.4 Olive Oil Fused with
• 10 cl of White Wine
• Lemon Drops
• 1 Baya de Agar-agar en Rama


Mussels: Open the steamed mussels of white wine in a casserole dish. Remove the two shells and set aside in a bowl. In another bowl, mix the oil with the peppermint and lemon to let them sit for 2 hours.

Narcampari: Mix the orange juice with the Campari and agar-agar. Put on the heat and once it reaches 70ºC, keep for 15 minutes. Remove and sieve.

Clams: Open them and remove one part of the shell and leave the clam in the other. Put a Teflon or iron frying pan on the heat, and once it reaches a high temperature, put the clam on the meat side. Hold for 6 seconds each and remove.

Presentation: On a shallow plate, place the warm mussel and the clam fresh from the griddle pan. Garnish with aromatic herbs and Narcampari. Add drops of oil, peppermint and lemon to the mussels.

Mediterranean Red Prawn Tartare with Coriander Aroma with Coral Pearls, Trout Roe and Basil

Ingredients for four people

• 250 g Red Prawns (6 units)
Reserve heads with your coral
• Lime juice (third of a lime)
• A little grated lime peel
• 1 cl of Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil
• 6 g Orange Juice
• Pink Himalayan salt
• Freshly ground black pepper
• 2 drops of Tabasco
• 4 Drops of Low-Salt Soy
• 8 cl of Reduced White Wine
• 2 Mint Leaves
• 3 g Fresh Ginger Stick
• Fresh cilantro
• Fresh chives
• 4 Natural Agar-agar Berries (Seaweed)
• 4 Basil Leaves
• 5 g Trout Roe


After freezing, peel the prawns and set the heads aside. Cut into parts that are not too small or thin. Put some of the wine in a bowl on the fire along with the agar-agar. Reduce until the alcohol evaporates, mix off the heat with the ginger and mint and let sit for 40 minutes. After the time has passed, strain through a fine sieve.

Let the olive oil sit for 40 minutes together with the orange juice. Finely chop the chives and coriander separately.

Extract the coral from the head of the prawns and close it in a vacuum cooking bag along with a little white wine, ginger and agar-agar. Place the bag in a bain-marie at 62º C for 6 minutes, strain and set aside in the fridge.

In a very cold stainless steel bowl, add the chopped prawns, salt, lime drops, Tabasco drops, soybean drops, chopped chives, chopped coriander, oil and orange fusion, reserved white wine (once the mint and ginger have been removed), freshly ground black pepper and grated lime peel. Fry the basil at 140ºC and reserve the whole leaf.

Presentation: in a very cold shallow dish and with the help of a circular mold, shape the tartare. Garnish with the coral, trout roe and chopped or whole basil.