Primer Rosé: The last Marqués de Murrieta’s gem



Marqués de Murrieta means experience, history expressed through its wines but at the same time innovation, modernity, a constant search to create something unique. This balance is what leads its steps and makes it a winery with soul.

That is why, after years of great effort and work based in the traditional winemaking techniques applied to the historic Marqués de Murrieta roses, we have created our Marqués de Murrieta Primer Rosé reaching the excellence that characterizes the winery.

Always one step ahead in the search of innovation, Marqués de Murrieta Primer Rosé is Marqués de Murrieta’s last gem. It will mark a turning point in Spain’s rosé history not only for being the first 100% Mazuelo rosé to be sold worldwide but because of reaching unexpected limits in style preserving the honesty in Marqués de Murrieta’s unique way of making wines.

Mazuelo is a grape of extraordinary character and scarce production that allows Marqués de Murrieta Primer Rosé to stand out because of its unique aroma bouquet and particular color along with a harmonious mouth feel.

The result is unique in the rose wines world. It’s fresh yet ambitious and demanding: Primer Rosé is the youngest most modern and subtle expression of Marqués de Murrieta. A limited production of 5.000 bottles, that has been carefully pampered for years in the winery and comes now with a unique packaging at the height of its quality.