Marqués de Murrieta, with the ‘Cris Contra el Cáncer’ foundation at the Madrid Tennis Open


May started with the Madrid Tennis Open as a mayor event, not only for Marqués de Murrieta, official wine of the tournament for the fifth consecutive year, but for the ‘Cris Contra el Cancer’ foundation too, whose stand in the grounds of the Caja Mágica has helped them to present their research and main projects to visitors, as well as raising funds to continue their constant medical innovation.

Thanks to Marques de Murrieta’s collaboration, the foundation had a privileged position in the enclosure, as well as a unique décor with videos recorded as a result of the joint effort between the two organizations.

The foundation works every day to aware people that cancer in not only one the most important diseases worldwide, it’s also the second leading cause to death in our country, and fighting it as turned into a priority. A struggle for which they have the support and full cooperation of Marques de Murrieta.