Honor roll in the yearbook of wines from El País


The Yearbook of Wines from El País has published its edition for 2017. In it, five wines reach the maximum score awarded by the guide, the 99 points. Among them, Dalmau 2012, the most rebel wine from Marqués de Murrieta. Great scores not only for Dalmau, but for all of Marqués de Murrieta and Pazo de Barrantes wines!


The true personality of Capellanía will come with a few more years in bottle. It is advisable to let this wine stand. Drinking it before time will mean losing much of its personality and its true value as great wine that is. Marqués de Murrieta Reserva 2011 appears as delicious. Fresh, fruity, very well made and therefore captivating. It’s incredible how slowly the wine evolves at Ygay, which is wonderful.
Dalmau and Castillo Ygay are splendid. Rather, the four of them are splendid, but the most, Dalmau.

Dalmau 2012: 99 points
Castillo Ygay 2007: 94 points
Capellanía 2011: 93 points
Marqués de Murrieta 2011: 92 points


The 2013 harvest had its ups and downs, but do not depreciate this La Comtesse from Pazo de Barrantes. There is a great work with the oak woods, which appear very subtly in the wine without marking it but giving it a wrap. Great in the mouth and a memorable ending in the aftertaste. It is a great and splendid wine. Pazo Barrantes is also beautiful. Very positive verdict for both of them.

La Comtesse 2013: 93 points
Pazo Barrantes 2015: 91 points