Great Proensa scores for Marqués de Murrieta!


Great scores and comments for Marqués de Murrieta and Pazo de Barrantes wines in the Proensa Guide of the Best Wines of Spain, which come to validate the scores obtained so far!

Dalmau 2012: 98 points

With energy and fineness, broad. Powerful in nose, elegant, rich in nuances on a frutal base of maturity. Structured, with body and power, but fresh, tasty, at the same time.

Castillo Ygay 2007: 96 points

Elegant on its development, with nerve, sophisticated. Well assembled in the nose, with character, a developed bouquet, fruity souvenirs. Very good passage in mouth, balanced, with body and nerve, broad, long.

Marqués de Murrieta 2011: 95 points

Developed, with spark, fluid, fine. Direct and well developed in the nose, very good passage in mouth, with body and nerve.

Marqués de Murrieta First Rosé 2015: 93 points

Fine with character, great rosé. Broad, powerful, with an unusual richness of nuances: fruity, floral, mineral. Excellent passage in mouth, with body and feeling of fluidity, fresh, soft.

Capellanía 2011: 90 points

Bottle-aged white wine, with good present, and growing. Well pressed, with delicate nuances of aging and ripe fruit. Body and marked acidity, with some wood well assembled. Dry, tasty, broad in aromas, long.

La Comtesse 2013: 98 points

Very elegant. With a sophisticated nose, developed, many nuances assembled. Virtually harmonious in the mouth, fresh, with volume and nerve, tasty, alive.

Pazo Barrantes 2015: 96 points

Maybe the best Barrantes ever. Aromatic, with many nuances of great fineness on a base of well ripe grapes. Almost harmonious in the mouth, perfect acidity, very soft, fluent, dry, tasty, expressive and elegant.