The elegance of feeling unique: Exclusivity reaches the world of rosés



It has become the most exclusive wine among the rosés. Marqués de Murrieta launched in 2016 his First Rosé, the first wine made 100% with Mazuelo grape, changing the concept of processing and giving the world of rosés a new limit until then unreached. A unique vintage that had a production of only 5,000 bottles, which contained the know-how and tradition of the winery.

Today we are releasing the second vintage of this gem, even more elegant if it fits, and with the soul that characterizes the wines of the winery of Rioja, where it has been carving until it has reached the maximum excellence. A wine that last year raised great passions, and became one of the wines most admired by the press worldwide.

The Mazuelo, a grape of extraordinary character and low production in Rioja, makes Marqués de Murrieta Primer Rosé stand out one more year for its aromatic singularity and for its particular color, with a precious harmony in taste.

With a higher production, the most exclusive rosé has in this new vintage 9,000 unique bottles. A production that preserves the honesty of Marqués de Murrieta in his unique way of making wine, with an incredible result: an elegant, dreamy, demanding and extremely fresh wine. A wine that has risen as one of the best in the world, and that gives maximum exclusivity to the world of rosés.