A commitment to sustainability

Marqués de Murrieta has received the ‘Wineries for Climate Protection’ (WfCP) certificate for its commitment to sustainability and the environment carried out at both its Marqués de Murrieta (D.O.Ca. Rioja) and Pazo de Barrantes (D.O. Rías Baixas) wineries.

This certification is awarded to those wineries that implement sustainable practices in four key areas: reduction of greenhouse gases (particularly CO2), water management, waste reduction and energy efficiency, and renewable energy.

Wineries for climate protection

Marqués de Murrieta has made a strong undertaking to respect its environment and protect its legacy for the future generations. To this end, it has progressively implemented over the years a series of measures to enhance the drive towards sustainable development at both its Rioja and Rías Baixas wineries.

Following a study on the different sources of renewable energy, the solar option was chosen, and in Logroño on January 2020, the Marqués de Murrieta solar power plant was installed. This is set to double in size and will have the capacity to provide 50% of its energy needs using only renewable energy sources.

In Logroño in 2022, Marqués de Murrieta inaugurated its new winemaking facilities, comprising a complex of buildings covering over 25,000 square metres adjacent to Castillo de Ygay. These new facilities were built in compliance with sustainability criteria and reinforce the winery’s eco-friendly commitment.

All the winery’s buildings conserve a coherent consistent style in keeping with the original architecture of the 19th century Castillo de Ygay, the winery’s founding building.

In Galicia, the measures taken have been similarly ambitious. Pazo de Barrantes, which is located in an exceptional natural setting in the Salnés Valley, has introduced innovative ideas, implementing new sustainability and efficiency measures in all of its processes.