Wine is responsible for 25% of the beneficial effects of the mediterranean diet


“The daily consumption of wine is advisable for health reasons”. This is the main conclusion of the Wine and Health World Congress 2017, which this year has been held in La Rioja, where the greatest professionals and experts in medicine, science and nutrition from all over the world have come together.

The event was attended by 36 speakers from the USA, Australia, France, Italy, Germany, South Africa and the United Kingdom, among others, who have defended the benefits of moderate wine consumption based on the latest scientific evidence and studies.

Among these benefits, they have exposed how the consumption of quality wine, such as Marques de Murrieta, reduces cognitive illnesses and diabetes, is positive for cardiovascular diseases, or how the intestinal microflora improves, among many other benefits that make the daily consumption of wine highly recommended.

Thus, the Wine and Health World Congress has assured that wine is responsible for 25% of the beneficial effects of the Mediterranean Diet on health, so, as the panel of experts said, it is very important to link the consumption of wine with maintaining a balanced diet.

It is precisely the search of these benefits which lead the first winery in Rioja, Marqués de Murrieta, to pursue excellence in the elaboration of their wines. The winery, which celebrates its 165th anniversary this year, has had since its beginnings as a premise the health of wine consumers.

From the care of the grape to the preservation of the wine, through the different processes of elaboration, Marqués de Murrieta is guided by a main idea: to achieve excellence and give its consumers the best wine.