Wine Tourism Gift Boxes

Experience with tasting and gourmet appetizers

Minimum price per person 42€

Tasting of 2 wines and gourmet appetizers

42,00 €

Tasting of 3 wines and gourmet appetizers

59,00 €

Tasting of 6 wines and gourmet appetizers

129,00 €

Experience with tasting and gastronomy

Minimum price per person 89€

Pairing of 4 wines with 4 small plates

89,00 €

- PP

Haute Cuisine Menu with 3 wines

142,00 €

- PP

Haute Cuisine Menu with 6 wines

295,00 €

- PP

Total: 0,00 €

Exclusive price on Murrieta website

The experience gift box does not imply a final confirmation. In order to check date availability, please feel free to contact us. Valid for one year from the date of purchase.

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