Murrieta Academy

A good wine is like a good movie: it lasts an instant and leaves a glorious flavor in your mouth; each sip is new and, as in a movie, it is born and reborn in each taster.” Federico Fellini.

The world of wine is fascinating. Wine is a living being that must be taken care of, that evolves over time and whose tasting, which involves all five of the senses, has an infinite number of nuances, making every wine unique and irreplaceable. However, it is not uncommon for us to encounter complicated terminology that makes wine feel incomprehensible and distant.

At Marqués de Murrieta, as Rioja’s first winery, we feel it is our duty to give visibility to the culture of wine and make it more accessible. That is why we have created Murrieta Academy, an online course divided into a series of chapters in which we will try to debunk some of the myths around wine and, by way of a journey through the different varieties, we will show how to properly taste wines in order to fully appreciate all of their nuances and enjoy them to the fullest.

How does one taste a wine? What does the wine’s color tell us? What is a bouquet? What are the primary olfactory notes? What is umami? What does it mean when we say a wine has more or less body? What are tannins? What is the ideal serving temperature for each type of wine? What’s the difference between a young wine and an aged wine, a reserva and a gran reserva? What are “exceptional vintages” and what is terroir? 

Discover the answers to questions like these in our weekly chapters. Learn to enjoy wine like a professional sommelier by filling out the following form. 

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