Quality policy, environment and food safety

We're a family. Not only for ownership but for our daily work; a total dedication in our daily tasks always in search of excellence, always transferring affection to everything we do; tasks that we begin by dedicating to the care of our vineyards in our Ygay Estate; To focus later on the management of the entire process of production and subsequent aging of our wines in the winery and on all the actions necessary for their successful presentation in the different markets and their subsequent delivery to all our end customers distributed in the different corners of the world to be able to share with all of them unforgettable family moments.
There are already 170 years of continuous effort that we want to turn into another new 170 more years of prestige and world recognition; continuing to write lines of this beautiful story of which all its protagonists can feel proud and satisfied.

We maintain a meticulous respect for wine, we control our grape from its birth to its collection and, with traditional techniques, we combine the highest technology in production methods, validating the appropriate aging periods in barrel and bottle; in order to obtain wines of the highest quality.

Wine is a living being and that is why as a family is where it can best be cared for and thus be able to reach the top.

Our commitment to caring for our planet is total; with the care of nature that gives us so much. With total determination, we are committed to reducing the environmental impact of all our activity through the sustainable use of natural resources and raw materials, optimization in the generation of waste, as well as the protection of the environment and the prevention of pollution, especially the fight against climate change. All these commitments acquired will be a reference framework for the establishment of part of our periodic objectives.

Of course we owe ourselves to the utmost rigor in terms of food safety; making safe wines that have perfect traceability and traceability at the different stages of the entire production process; totally transparent and available whenever required; To maintain and continue to increase as far as possible the great trust that all our customers have in our brands. The protection of the consumer's health of our wines must be solidly guaranteed; identifying, analyzing, preventing, minimizing and, whenever possible, eliminating all health risks or critical points in their production process.

It is also our obligation to be sensitive to the changing needs of the market and our environment in any field, always respecting our tradition, but adapting to so much new, complying at all times with all the legal requirements established in all areas as well as establishing for ourselves other even more rigorous requirements in quality matters, Environment and food safety to improve all our processes; placing great emphasis on the continuous training of our staff in order to reduce possible risks and thereby enhance our strengths by giving solidity and life to the imposed purpose of continuous improvement of our entire integrated system.

Our purpose at all times is to transfer to our project all our family values, vital to guarantee the involvement, enthusiasm and joy of our entire environment: our staff, our suppliers, our distribution, our clients or the simple spectators of the project.
We want them inside and outside our borders to know through our wines of the highest quality how we are and what we feel, and to be able to share our beautiful path with all of them.

Family Creixell

Environmental performance report Marqués de Murrieta S.A. 2021

In accordance with our quality and environmental policy, and in order to comply with the requirements of ISO 14.001:2015, we inform you that:

  • The Sustainability Project 2021-2023 of MARQUÉS DE MURRIETA S.A. has been started, in which the certification according to the ISO 14.001 standard, one of the multiple environmental commitments to be developed, will be carried out in the first half of 2022.
  • The new winery that has the best available technology has been completed, providing MARQUÉS DE MURRIETA S.A. with the tools for a prosperous, efficient and sustainable future. Among them, the installation of photovoltaic panels with a power of 150 kWn stands out
  • The electricity consumption of the winery has been reduced by 21%.
  • The consumption of mains water has been reduced by 61% and the consumption of well water by 11%.
  • The consumption of phytosanitary products has been reduced by 1%.
  • Office paper consumption has been reduced by 87%.

It should be noted that MARQUES DE MURRIETA, S.A., performs an exhaustive operational control of all the identified Environmental Aspects, such as consumption of raw materials, consumption of natural resources, noise abroad, generation of waste, etc.