The Marqués de Murrieta Winery is declared a Museum by the Government of La Rioja



Marqués de Murrieta is known as the pioneer winery in making the famous Rioja wines and during its 166-year history it has forged the success of these wines around the world. Now a further step has been taken within the prestige of the winery by beingdeclared a Museum by the government of La Rioja, something that is an enormous satisfaction and recognition for Marqués de Murrieta.

The Ygay Castle itself, which underwent an ambitious restoration project for more than eight years and ended in 2015, is due to its historical importance a museum complex in itself, which stands as the perfect balance between respect for the past and the most promising future. This château, built according to the concept of the French châteaux, is one of the oldest industrial buildings in Europe that today houses valuable documentation and unique items crucial in the history of Marqués de Murrieta and therefore of wine, La Rioja and Spain, as well as one of the most extensive private collections of historic bottles in the world.

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The Marqués de Murrieta Museum was born as a result of years of conservation of documents and items of great historical value and in recognition of facilities that have become an institution among the world's wineries.

The Marqués de Murrieta wine tourism project is reinforced with this recognition by making its offer the most complete and of greatest cultural value in the area. The visit to the museum is included in all the experiences offered by the winery, where visitors begin with a tour of the vineyard, continue the visit to the Ygay Castle and end with a wine tasting accompanied by haute cuisine.