Gran Vino Pazo Barrantes, named the best Albariño in the world

Gran Vino Pazo Barrantes 2020 has the honour of being chosen as the best Albariño of the year. With a very limited production and careful ageing, this wine has conquered the influential editors of the American publication Wine & Spirits, an international benchmark in the world of wine.

Produced by the centenary winery of the Salnés Valley, belonging to the family group Marqués de Murrieta, this wine is nowadays one of the greatest exponents of quality white wines.

The albariño grape is the base of this wine and is mostly grown in the Rías Baixas, although given its excellent quality it has spread in recent years to other wine regions in countries such as the United States, Argentina and Uruguay.

The grapes used to make the wine come from the Pazo de Barrantes estate, a 12-hectare estate divided into 8 different plots and located around the winery to guarantee maximum quality. The new 2020 vintage of Gran Vino Pazo Barrantes has 25% less production "but it is great, and qualitatively overwhelming," says the winery's president, Vicente Dalmau Cebrián-Sagarriga.

Pazo Barrantes Estate

Such is the demand for the bodega's wines that it has established a system of distribution by quotas among the more than 100 countries where it is distributed, with the United States being its leading market.