Limited edition Gran Vino Pazo Barrantes

450,00 €

Limited edition magnum bottle (1,5l) of Gran Vino Pazo Barrantes.

An exclusive sustainable piece inspired by the work of the Galician "redeiras", the so-called seamstresses of the sea.

This limited edition of only 50 units is one of the most special wine packaging ever created and has been designed in collaboration with the contemporary Galician artisan Sonia de Gerónimo.

Made from 100% cotton rope and natural leather, it combines ancient methods, tradition and sophistication to create a delicate piece with a possible second use. For each creation, more than 26 metres of natural ecological cotton fibre have been required and the universe of the redeiras, whose trade consists of repairing and maintaining fishing nets, is the main axis of the creative concept.

This collector's item is the calling card of a long-term project in which the winery highlights the effort, tradition and work based on excellence in the world of craftsmanship. A world with multiple points of connection with the work of viticulture.