Steps to follow to request your 2024 allocation:
1. Submit your request using this form before Friday 8th December 2023
2. We will send your allocation confirmation before Friday 15th December 2023

*If you don’t order your full agreed allocation by 1st November 1, 2024, you will lose the remaining allocation which will be assigned to other markets and we will have to take this into account for future vintages.

Pazo Barrantes 2021

Production: 105,274 bottles (0.75 l) | 1,827 bottles (1.5 l)
Availability Date: January, 2024


Originally conceived as great wine that expresses the true potential of the albariño grape and captures the essence of our Pazo de Barrantes estate.

formatos copia.png__PID:e907c2fa-2cd1-4b49-ab6e-985af35f949a

Bottle 0.75 l (Carton case)
Exworks price $22

Bottle 1.5 l (Carton case)
Exworks price $52


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La Comtesse 2019

Production: 9,655 bottles (0.75 l) | 400 bottles (1.5 l)
Availability Date: January, 2024


La Comtesse shows an elegant complexity and aromatic richness, confirming the great potential of the albariño variety with a meticulous winemaking and a careful aging in oak vats.


Bottle 0,75 l (Wooden case)
Exworks price $66

Bottle 1,5 l (Wooden case)
Exworks price $160


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Capellanía 2019

Production: 30,378 bottles (0.75 l) | 1,204 bottles (1.5 l)
Availability Date: June, 2024


A white wine with a red wine soul, result of the extraordinary quality of selected white grapes from Capellanía single-vineyard.

Its balanced ageing in French barrels provides the wine precision and makes Capellanía an incredible gastronomic wine.


Bottle 0.75 l (Wooden case)
Exworks price $45

Bottle 1.5 l (Wooden case)
Exworks price $108


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Primer Rosé 2023

Production: 9,000 bottles (0,75 l) - TBC
Availability Date: June, 2024

Primer Rosé is a dreamer wine with an ambitious, challenging and fresh spirit. It is the youngest brand and most subtle expression of Marqués de Murrieta.


Bottle 0.75 l (Individual carton case)
Exworks price $20


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Marqués de Murrieta 2019

Availability Date: November, 2023


A palpable example of the elegance, consistency and regularity that characterize Marqués de Murrieta winery. This wine shows the incredible personality of the Ygay Estate and summarizes perfectly what happens during a whole vegetative cycle.


96 points. James Suckling
95 points. Tim Atkin

“Producing nearly a million bottles of this wine is quite a challenge. María Vargas is more than up to the task” Tim Atkin


Bottle 0.75 l (Carton case)
Exworks price $12.30

Bottle 1.5 l (Carton case)
Exworks price $25.80

Bottle 1.5 l (Wooden case)
Exworks price $29.30

Bottle 3 l (Wooden case)
Exworks price $74

Bottle 6 l (Wooden case)
Exworks price $148

Bottle 12 l (Wooden case)
Exworks price $350


Marqués de Murrieta Gift Bag

Marqués de Murrieta has designed this exclusive gift bag for two bottles with high-quality materials and, offering it a second life, becoming a large tote bag.


2 Bottles 0.75 l (Gift Bag)
Exworks price $30

estuche-ilustracion copia.png__PID:d16d4d26-5dae-4060-8b0f-ad552ed4bb27

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Marqués de Murrieta Gran Reserva 2016

Production: 67.033 bottles (0.75 l)
Availability Date: January, 2024


It is only produced from selected vintages, Marqués de Murrieta Gran Reserva represents the perfect balance between classicism and modernity.


Bottle 0.75 l (Wooden case)
Exworks price $28


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Castillo Ygay 2012

Production: 103.216 bottles (0.75 l), 3.121 bottles (1.5 l), 326 bottles (3 l), 205 bottles (6 l) y 20 bottles (12 l).
Availability Date:
November, 2023


Castillo Ygay confirms its position as the Spanish reference by international critics

Castillo Ygay, which was already crowned as best wine in the world by Wine Spectator, has once again under the radar with its new 2012 vintage. The renowned American critic James Suckling was the first to taste it and awarded it, without hesitation, the highest score of 100 points. Castillo Ygay thus makes history once again and establishes it self as a benchmark of excellence for the finest Spanish wines. As there are no 2013, 2014 or 2015, the 2012 vintage, with even more limited volumes, will be sold between 2024 and 2025, before the 2016 is released in 2026. The second part of the 2012 vintage allocation will be offered in 2025.


100 points. James Suckling

“Of infinite elegance and finish. A wonderful future" James Suckling


Bottle 0.75 l (Wooden case)
Exworks price $140

Price 1 bottle 0.75l wooden case: $6.60
Price 3 bottles 0.75l wooden case: $9.90
Price 6 bottles 0.75l wooden case: FOC

Bottle 1.5 l (Wooden case)
Exworks price $350

Bottle 3 l (Wooden case)
Exworks price $980

Bottle 6 l (Wooden case)
Exworks price $2,100

Bottle 12 l (Wooden case)
Exworks price $4,500


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